Pinnacle Conchos -Red

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Three Pinnacle Conchos, Indian Motorcycle Red Elevate your bike’s customization by adding Indian Motorcycle Red Pinnacle Conchos Circular, polished Pinnacle Conchos feature polished script branding set against a red center background They install easily on seats, saddlebags, handlebar bags, tool rolls, and messenger bag (all accessories sold separately) You can also add Conchos to apparel such as leather jackets, leather vests, and more Comes with three Indian Motorcycle Red Conchos with screws, felt covers, and installation instructions Complete the customizing of your Indian Motorcycle® by adding Indian Motorcycle® Red Pinnacle Conchos to complement the color of your motorcycle as well as the other custom accessories you are adding. These Pinnacle Conchos feature polished Indian® script branding set against an Indian Motorcycle® Red background, with a bright chrome at the upper and lower edges of the circular Concho. These Pinnacle Conchos install easily on components including the motorcycle’s seats, saddlebags, handlebar bag, tool roll, and messenger bag (all accessories sold separately). Indian Motorcycle® riders can also add Indian Motorcycle® Red Conchos to apparel such as leather jackets, leather vests, and more.