Headdress Rider Floorboard Pads - Polished Inlays

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One pair Headdress Rider Floorboard Pads with Polished Inlays Rider Floorboard Pads add branded, custom style and provide outstanding footing Grooved rubber pads feature center polished inlays Polished inlays feature bright finish and Indian Motorcycle icon branding Install as direct replacements for the standard floorboards Durable rubber and stainless steel construction Includes left- and right-side floorboard pads and installation instructions Floorboards, which are commonly regarded as strictly utilitarian components, become stylish custom elements of your Indian Motorcycle® when you switch to a set of Headdress Floorboard Pads with Polish Inlays. They are direct replacements for the stock floorboards, and they feature a stylish top surface with a polished stainless steel inlay that adds a bright custom touch to the center section of the motorcycle. These floorboards feature Indian Motorcycle® Headdress icon branding and provide a rider’s feet with sure footing. Feature: Indian Motorcycle® icon branding.